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just another love song

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
by Christine Kienert,
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien
by Robert Weideneder


Now it’s me who’s standing at the window
Staring into the night, standing there - paralysed
Outside life’s passing by
Leaving me behind, what’s the time
I thought all questions were crossed off the list
Everything is said, it is accepted
Why then do I feel this way now
It’s stirring me up inside and I’m numb at the same time
      And I’m standing there listening to my inner voice
      Trying to find out if there’s something left of me
      But all I hear is time ticking away
      And an echo of her voice time and again.
My thoughts are going round in circles
My mind is confused, what has happened to us
Didn’t we say our love would last forever
Didn’t we feel so secure, did we feel too secure
When did indifference move into our days?
When did we loose sight of our aim?
When did our love slip away
When did we cease to take care,
When did we stop listening to each other,
When we give up off talking together
      Now I’m standing there and I’m looking at my inner self
      Trying to find out if there’s anything left of me
      But all I see are colours fading to grey
      And pictures of better days so far away
I see my reflection in the window
I wanna change my hair, my skin, my face, I’m bored with myself
Will I ever be able to open my heart again?
Can I ever love again? I’m feeling discouraged, just feeling pain
Can one build another dream
Upon the ruins of a broken dream? Will these scars ever heal?
Outside life’s hurrying by
Leaving me behind, I’m feeling tired
      And I’m standing there feeling my inner self
      Trying to find out if there’s still love inside
      But all I feel is coldness clasping my heart
      And an emptiness, threatening and dark.

Translation: german flag