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On this stage of live

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Christina Bädeker,
    Marlies Curth &
    Insa Scheller
by Christine Kienert
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien
by Marlies Curth


Father, look what they do to your earth
Black blood is streaming out of countless festering wounds
The oceans spitting putrid mucus on to the beach
And poisonous clouds crying acidic tears
And darkening the sky
Father, look your earth is going to die

     You expelled them from paradise
     And you sent the Flood
     You destroyed the tower of Babel,
     But they still adore the golden calf
     You tried to bring them to their senses
     Time and again
     Father, they never seem to learn.

Father, look what they do to themselves
They still slay their brothers out of enviousness
They murder each other out of avarice
They are spending their life in evil
Spending their life in pride
Father, wherefore did I die?

     You gave them a paradise,
     You gave them love
     You gave them their mind,
     You gave them the word
     You gave them commandments;
     You gave them your son
     Father, they never seem to learn.

Translation: german flag