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Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Gudrun Blanke
Lead vocals &
all instuments
by Lothlorien
by Gudrun Blanke


A dark dirty alley – somewhere in a skid row
She’s lying in the dirt - the syringe in her vein
The whole day she was searching for a jolt
The withdrawal symptoms she could hardly sustain
   Finally she found a guy
   Lying unconsciously on the ground
   There was a rest of drugs in his syringe
   She pulled it out of his arm.
When the pain started to diminish by the drugs
Memories of her childhood rose up

There was this suburbia, a protective childhood home
There was smugness and boredom all around
She was mummy’s little girl, she was the princess of her dad
And she dreamed of the night life in the big town
   When she ran away for the first time
   She was just twelve years old
   After three days of bashes
   Daddy brought her back home
There was something inside, she couldn’t explain
Booze numbed for a short time then this emptiness was back again

     Janey, Janey
     This quenchless yearning for more
     Janey, Janey,
     Never knowing what it was, she was looking for

At the age of fourteen, she finally ran away
Abandoned her home and family
She tried to escape this smugness, she immersed herself into
The anonymity of the city
   Night life was exciting
   For a young pretty girl like her
   There were all kinds of drugs
   And she took everything she got offered
But she needed more and more drugs and it became harder each time
To numb this feeling of emptiness for a little while

     Janey, Janey,
     Always on the fast lane for nothing to miss
     Janey, Janey,
     At full throttle toward the abyss

It was just a short trip from alcohol to smack
She was hooked on heroin since the age of fifteen
You can’t get smack for free, she had to prostitute herself
To finance her need of heroin
   In the beginning it wasn’t too hard
   For a young, pretty girl like her
   With her innocent face
   Her punters she could choose
But the drugs left their marks on her body and her face
Now every fucking blow job she can get she takes

     Janey, Janey
     Riding on a brakeless train
     Janey, Janey
     Full speed toward the end of the rail

A dark dirty alley – somewhere in a skid row
She’s lying in the dirt - the syringe in her vein

Translation: german flag