Previously unreleased

Words & Music
by B. Blanke


An endless hood and 18 wheels, polished and sparkling chrome steel
The engine revs, 500 hp, forty tons - a trucker’s dream
The driving cab is his home, high above the tarmac of the road
On the sun visor pictures of his son, faded and taken long ago
   In the rear mirror the sun is rising
   In front of him the road reaches to the horizon
   Country songs on the radio
   One more cup of coffee for the road
One more day on the road with the diesel and its monotone
Hour by hour with his thoughts and his memories – all alone

The endless road, mile by mile, road markings and street signs
Houses and farms at the wayside, deep valleys and mountains so high
Nameless towns are passing by, industrial parks with their fuming pipes
Torrential rivers he crosses sometimes, like paintings the landscapes are passing by
   In the rear mirror another endless road
   In front of him there’s nothing he can call his home
   Country songs on the radio
   One more sad song for the road
The windshield wipers fight against the rain; memories bringing back the pain
He had lost his son and his wife Jane; he takes his bandana and wipes his face

They met 15 years ago, in a highway restaurant
She served and made a joke; he giggled and fell in love
At first she often went with him on his job - then she became pregnant with Bob
They bought a little house on the nod, to pay the bills he had to work a lot
   Every farewell cut like a knife
   In the rear mirror he saw her waving goodbye
   Sad, sad songs on the radio
   And this yearning for home
One night he came home, the house was dark, she was gone
And she had taken their son along, wrote she had been tired of being alone

The windshield wipers wipe off the rain; he’s fighting against his tears again
His back is aching; it’s time for a break, just a few more miles on the highway
One more diner with bad meals, trucker’s talk and light beers
He doesn’t give a shit of this trucker’s dream; of these talks of being free
   In the rear mirror the sun is going down
   At the horizon another nameless town
   One more night on the road
   One more night alone
Well, he knows that he can’t sleep; he’s haunted by his memories
And he takes seat behind the wheel and steers his truck back on the street

Translation: german flag