Track 01/02/03/04/05/06

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Clarinet, recorder
& background vocals
by Gudrun Blanke
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien
by Gudrun Blanke

Mother of the Creation

In the beginning of time
There was nothing all around
And the mother whispered one word
Into the naught
    And she created the universe
    Created the moon and the earth

In the beginning of time
There was darkness all around
And the mother opened her eyes
And there was light, bright and warm.
   She created shades and light,
   She created day and night,

In the beginning of time
There was wasteland all around
And the mother pursed her lips
And sent her breath to the ground
   She created wind and rain
   Created blue skies and clouds
   She created hills and dales
   And the oceans and fertile soils

There was silence all around
In the beginning of time
And the mother opened her mouth
And sang her song of life
   She created flowers and trees
   Made the whole world green
   And she created the animals, each of its kind
   Populated the land, the oceans and the sky
      In the end she created some kinds of wights
      And gave them two legs, two hands and a mind;
      The dwarfs, the elves, the fays, the gnomes and the men
      And she entrusted them with the preservation of her creation

Tired of her work
The mother went to sleep
For the next
Thousand years

After that long, long sleep
The mother opened her eyes
And what she got to see
Made her cry

Those wights she’d entrusted her creation to
Indulged in greed, egoism and disputes
Not for preservation they used their mind
But for destroying and for fights
   The mother was crestfallen and turned away
   And abandoned this world to its fate
   But out of the ocean, an island she let arise
   And there she created another paradise
      And from this island she banished all wights
      With two hands, two legs and a mind
      And around the island she laid a ring of dense fog
      So that the island could never be found

Some more centuries elapsed again
Then a ship came from far away
And got into the fog
That shrouded the island, dense and grey
And the people on the ship
Were dying of thirst
They were desperate and diseased
And almost famished
   And the mother looked into their hearts
   And saw honesty, charity and love
   The mother took pity with these children, women and men
   And she cleared the fog for a while
   to give them refuge on that island

Translation: german flag