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Nearly forgotten songs

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals
by Thomas Krogmann &
by Insa Scheller
All other instruments
by Lothlorien
by Tarek El Bebbili

Doesn’t matter (Life goes on)

Once I had a girl
And I was in love with her,
She was the sweetest girl I ever knew
Well it was a crazy time
Full of love and full of wine
And I thought these beautiful days would never end

     And I wrote her a little song
     Filled with hope, a lovely one
     But one day she said so long,
     Doesn’t matter – life goes on.

Then I took my old guitar
Thought I would become a star
That one day I would be rich
I was walking down the road
With no money in my coat
And I sang my little songs full of hope

     And I wrote so many songs
     They were pretty one by one
     But no one wanted to hear my songs
     Doesn’t matter – life goes on.

Now I’m standing on this stage
Don’t expect any pay
Well, I’m singing for just one beer
And I’m singing my song for you
It’s the only thing I can do
And I’m singing as good as I can

     And I sing my little song
     And I think it’s a pretty one
     No one listen to my song
     Doesn’t matter – life goes on.

Translation: german flag