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Nearly forgotten songs (Vol 2)

by B. Blanke
by Gudrun Blanke &
     B. Blanke
Lead vocals
by Gudrun Blanke &
All instruments
by Lothlorien
by Tarek El Bebbili
Gudrun Blanke & Lothlorien

Shadow from the past

Go away,
Please leave us alone!
No more words to say,
What’s done is done.
   Everything was ruined, is shattered and is bust.
   You are only a shadow from the past.

Don’t badger me no more,
Get off my back!
Let bygones be bygones
Don’t make me blow my stack!
   The times you had are over, anger was amassed.
   You are only a shadow from the past.

Why do you bother her
When you see she’s moving on.
Don’t keep your eagle eye on her
Her love for you is gone.
   You dragged it in the mud, many things came to pass
   You are only a shadow from the past

No phone calls and no postcards
No text message at night
You broke all rules
And you thought you had the right
   You don’t own another person but you fought to the last
   You are only a shadow from the past

Translation: german flag