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In spite of everything

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Vocals & all instruments
by Lothlorien
by B. Blanke


Sometimes I remember how it began
The bar was filled with smoke and somebody sang
Songs full of yearning
But I just listened to the words she said
Sometime in that night we've overcome the loneliness

I remember the time when our love was young
In every word she said I heard a love song
Nights of caresses and days of confidence
Everything seemed to make sense

There were times of magic,
There were times of hope
There were times of caress,
T here were times of jokes
There were times of dreams;
T here were times of fairy tales
Now it’s time to awake

There were the times when clouds darkened our sky
When discords crept silently into our life
But we tried to take care and we talked so many times
And we promised to fight

There was a lot of quarrel, there were many tears
We often were in despair and there were many fears
But we didn’t resign; we believed that we could carry it off
And we believed in our love

There were times of disaccords,
There were times of dispute
There were times of conciliation,
There were times of excuse
There were times of trying
And there were times of fights
Now it’s time to resign

Then came the time when we lost our hope
Indifference crept into our souls
A layer of ice was formed around our hearts
Little by little we lost our love

That was the time when words were used to hurt
No more climb-down, no more forgiven words
There was helplessness and there were reproofs time and again
In the end there was only silence and pain

Those were times of hopelessness,
Those were times of pain
Those were times of upbraiding,
Those were times of despair
Those were times of silence,
Those were times of disband
Now it’s time to unhand

We had times of magic,
We had times of love
We had times of caress;
We had times of hope
We had times of fairy tales
And we had times of dreams
Now it’s time to grief

Translation: german flag