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In spite of everything

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals
& All instruments
by Lothlorien
Additional lead Vocals
by Gudrun Blanke
by Gudrun Blanke
To lead you home

To lead you home

When the night is too long again
And sleep won’t come to drive these sad thoughts away
And darkness is pulling you down with its weight
When the night is too dark again
And all colours are turning into a depressing grey
And the shapes of your world are fading away
When the thoughts are moving in a circle again
When you missed the exit, when you lost your way
When you just feel pain
When you just see despair all around
When you’re feeling small, when you’re feeling down
When the night seems to be too long
I’ll strike a match and ignite a light
That’s shining bright
That splits the darkness of the night
That leads you home.

When the clouds are hanging deep in the sky
And the fog is taking your sight
When your ship wallows aimlessly through the night
When the sea is too rough again
And the cold spindrift is beating your face
And the safe harbour is too far away
When the compass needle is spinning around
When you went off the course, when you got lost
When the storm seems to be too rough
When your ship rolls and heels
When sickness and fear is all that you feel
When the roar hurts your ears
I’ll raise my voice and sing you a song
That gives you hope
That drowns the boom of the storm
That leads you home.

When this life is too cruel again
When the sense is clearing away
When you lost sight of the aim
When you lost your courage to face life
When you can’t decide what’s wrong, what’s right
When you are sick of this life
When you lost ground under your feet
When too much rubble is blockading your street
When the floor careens
When the abyss in front of you is cliffy and deep
When the decayed bridge creaks and reels
When you’re paralysed by your fears
I’ll spread my arms and take your hand
And I’ll hold you tight
To guide you safely to the other side
To lead you home

Alternative version / Translation: german flag