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In spite of everything

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Gudrun Blanke &
Lead vocals & all instruments
by Lothlorien
by B. Blanke


Latterly, when I look up to the moon in a starry night
When the moon immerses the world in his peaceful pale light
There’s no peace, no hope, there’s no comfort for me as before
The man in the moon speaks no words of wisdom to me anymore
Latterly, when I look up to the stars in a starry night
In one of these nights when the world seems to stand still for a while
It seems that the stars aren’t glaring as bright as before
The stars don’t give any rest, no reliance to me anymore
Now the moon and the stars are just celestial bodies to me
My heart feels cold, I lost my dreams

Latterly, when I watch a sunset at the sea
When the waves are glowing red before they gently kiss the beach
The sunlight isn’t warming me up inside as before
The sound of the sea sings no love songs to me anymore
Latterly, when I watch the down dancing flakes of snow,
Covering the world with a deadening, innocent, white coat
There is no silence inside of me as before
The snow gives no peace, no rest to me anymore
It seems there’s nothing really touching me
My heart feels like a stone, I lost my dreams

Latterly, when I try to listen to my inner voice
All I hear is a booming and deafening noise
There is no silence, there is no peace
I can’t hear any words of wisdom inside of me
Latterly, when I take a look at myself
The man in the mirror appears like a stranger to me
There are those cold, empty eyes that I see
The man in the mirror seems to laugh at me
I do not know myself anymore
I lost myself, I lost my soul

Translation: german flag