Track 01/02/03/04/05

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
by Gudrun Blanke
Background vocals
by Anouka Thönnes &
    Gudrun Blanke
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien
by Gudrun Blanke

The seer's prophecy

Once upon a time, in the realms in the north
Across the silver river and far behind the forests of fog
There was a king who ruled a kingdom of the dark
Amassed gold and silver while the common folk starved
   His henchmen pillaged the villages with brute force
   And killed everyone who dared to defy
   The people lived in fear and in scare
   And many brave men died

One day an unknown luminary appeared at the sky
Like a glowing sword, ominous and bright
It was brighter than any star had ever been
Even in broad daylight it could be seen
   The people feared the end of the world;
   They said: “God sends fire from the sky”
   The people assigned blame to the witches
   They sparked the stakes and many of the healers died

Also the king feared for his kingdom and his might
Even his castle would be no shelter from this threat from the sky
He summoned the astronomers and the priests,
Even the wizards should tell him what this light could mean
   The scientists studied writings and looked at the sky
   But no one could interpret the sign
   In a rage the king let them be captured and killed
   All the wise men died

When a seer came to the empire of the king
Into his castle the king let him bring
For a long time the seer looked into his crystal ball
Then with a deep voice he began to talk
   “Beneath this star a child will be born,
   And before it will grow up, milord,
   You will die and your kingdom will fall”
   In rage the king stabbed the seer down.

The king mustered all his henchmen and his knights
And ordered them to kill all pregnant women and every newborn child
Into the kingdom the king’s henchmen moved out
From east to west, from north to south
   They raided every village and every hut
   To make their gory task
   The people begged, pleaded and cried
   There was no grace - women and babies had to die

Finally the common folk rose against the king and his knights
Armed with self-made bows, pitchforks and scythes
Young and old, blacksmiths, peasants and artisans
Sallied forth to the castle from all over the land
   “Death to all tyrants and kings”
   Their battle call echoed through the night
   And pluckily they fought head-to-head
   In a seeming hopeless fight

   They took the castle stone by stone
   Lastly the king was killed by a knife
   But the victory was dearly bought
   In the end seven hundred men had died

So it came that the prophecy the seer had made
Came true in the end

Translation: german flag