Track 01/02/03/04/05

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien
 by Gudrun Blanke

The downfall of the empire

The land lost its archons
After the Royal couple had died
And to the throne there was no one in line.
The folk lost its foundation
After their Queen and King had deceased
The life that the people knew decayed it seemed
And the folk fell into a deep, deep grief,
And helplessness spread all over the place
The whole land sank into numbness and phlegm
Even the songs of the birds sounded sad and strange

Before long
The whole land had changed
The tree of harmony was forgotten again
The people became
Indifferent and leery
And forgot about love and charity
The chieftains and lords came from every part of the land
To claim the rule and the thrown for themselves
And they disputed and argued, they threatened and yelled
And they proclaimed war in the end

And the land
Prepared for the war
The blacksmiths just forged shields and swords
Artisans and farmers
Had to spring to arms
And had to learn the trade of war
Just a few brave women and men
Remembered the spirit of love and peace
And they decided to leave their home
To find a place to live free

In the meantime
The land bogged in a war
Ruthlessly and cruelly they all fought for their Lords
Man against man
Clan against clan
Killing woman and children, killing old and young
The villages burned, the castles tumbled down
The people lived in fear and starved all-around
The fields where the wheat and corn should grow
Were sear and blood-soaked

After seven years of war
The whole land was war-ravaged
And there was nothing worth to fight for
The fields were destroyed
There was no harvest for years
The whole land was barren and sear
Almost all people were killed or were famished
And those who had survived hid away
They withdrew deeply into the dark forests
And there were those who once set sail

Translation: german flag