Track 01/02/03/04/05

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Anouka Thönnes &
    Gudrun Blanke
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien
by Gudrun Blanke

The tree of harmony

Once there was a land, forgotten by the rest of the world
Hidden behind the dark mountains in the north,
Protected by the rough sea in the west and by the eerie bogs in the east,
Shielded by the forests of fog and the silver river in the south

For two centuries the people had lived free and in peace
No one ruled the land, no king, no swayer, no lord,
Sometimes the eldest told stories about the liberation fights
Long, long ago, just tales about heroes and swords

Some elves had settled in the forests of fog
No one could tell anymore where they had come from
All wights lived in freedom and peace, side by side
Even with the shy dwarfs, living deep in the mountains, they traded off and on

Once there was a land where all wights were happy and pleased
It was a fertile land with many fields of golden wheat
There were gentle slopes and there were lush meadows so green
There were light-flooded forests and brooks with water so clear

Then one day something evil covered the land
Deep up from the ground it seemed to creep
It poisoned the land, the water and the air
The fields began to wither a mysterious disease infested the trees

It poisoned the people too; the evil crept into their souls
Leeriness and envy hate and fear captured their hearts

When he was asked for advice the wise man said: “Folks, you make me laugh,
You were living so safely and jauntely that you took everything as a matter of course
     And you forgot the tree of harmony,
     Who was living in the middle of your land
     You forgot to care for him
     You let him rot and now he is dead-
     And now his dead roots poison the land”

“What can we do?” a young maid asked the wise man
And the wise man answered: “, Far in the south, in a foreign land,
     There’s another tree of harmony
     Maybe there you can find some seed
     And when you bring it home
     And the seed will grow
     Maybe this land will recover entirely”

To search for this tree of harmony the young brave maid set forth
Alone she crossed the silver river and passed the forest of fog
     She rode night and day
     Crossed foreign realms; dangerous and scary
     But then far from home - finally
     She found that tree of harmony
     And a little sapling grew beneath the tree

She dug the little sapling out and carried it safely home
And she planted it close to the old tree, which was still poisoning the ground
     She fostered the little tree
     With all her love
     And the sapling came into leaf
     And the tree prospered and throve
     The more the sapling grew, the more the poison lost its force

A few years later the land was nearly recovered again
The evil that had infested the land disappeared
The hearts of the people too were relieved from leeriness and envy
Just the dwarfs and the elves had withdrawn and were never seen again

From now on the folk fostered the tree of harmony
And they crowned the brave maid as their queen
And the young queen married a man who was brave and loved her honestly
And she ruled the land wisely and fair-minded till she died peacefully

Translation: german flag