On this stage of life

On this stage of life
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02  In the name of God Lyrics  /  Listen 
03  Father Lyrics  /  Listen    /  Video clip
04  The cry of the earth Lyrics  /   Listen    /  Live video
05  The fisherman Lyrics  /  Listen 
06  Together Lyrics  /  Listen 
07  Anthem Lyrics  /  Listen 
08  Time flies Lyrics  /  Listen    /  Live video
09  On this stage of life   Lyrics  /  Listen 
10  Freedom Lyrics  /  Listen    /  Live video

Vocals and instruments by Lothlorien and some guest musicians (for details see lyrics)
Recorded by B. Blanke between Novembver 2011 and February 2014, Hamburg
Mixed by Marius Walczak, between May and November 2014
Mastered by Marius Walczak, November 2014

Booklet concept by B. Blanke
Cover artwork by Tarek El Bebbili
Booklet artwork by several artists (for details see lyrics)
Lithography by Thomas Krogmann

Released April 2015

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