Nearly forgotten songs

Nearly forgotten songs
01  Here is my song Lyrics   /  Listen     
02  Bring it on home to me Details /  Listen    
03 Like a knife in my soul Lyrics   /  Listen    /  Video clip
04 Nights in white satin Details /  Listen    /  Live video
05 Deborah Lyrics   /  Listen    
06 If I should fall behind Details /  Listen    
07 Namida Lyrics   /  Listen    
08 The last time I saw you Details /  Listen    /  Live video
09 Doesn't matter (life goes on)   Lyrics   /  Listen    
10 Candle in the wind Details /  Listen    
11 Forever young Details /  Listen    /  Live video
12 All I need Lyrics   /  Listen      
13 If it be your will Details /  Listen    
Bonus tracks:
14 Father and son Details /  Listen    /  Live video
15 Hallelujah Details /  Listen    /  Live video

Vocals and instruments by Lothlorien and some guest musicians (for details see lyrics)
Recorded by B. Blanke between October 2010 and October 2018, Hamburg
(Lead Vocals of Alfred Hintermaier recorded in Munich)
Mixed by B. Blanke & Imanomo between February 2017 & October 2018
Mixing Assistant: Gudrun Blanke
Mastered by B. Blanke, Gudrun Blanke & Imanomo, April 2019

Booklet concept and cover photo by B. Blanke
Booklet artwork by Tarek El Bebbili
Lithography by Thomas Krogmann

Released June 2019

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