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about stepping stones and lost dreams

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Marlies Curth &
    Johanna Gerdts,
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien
by Susanne Vier
Just one night

Just one night

We were young, we were wild, we were tough,
we were naive, we were innocent.
There were the songs of Dylan, there were the books of Marx,
there was James Dean, and there was Rock'n Roll.
We were crying for changes and played the rebels
on a provincial stage waiting for the curtain.
Than long ago we had signed the agreement for that other part
playing the honest man, for the rest of life.
I remember the night while everything changed
while we lost our innocence
I got a call from Andy he'd got his brothers car -
meeting at the station. For a ride
      Tonight, tonight we'll take a ride to the river side
      Tonight, tonight the head lights are bright, the street's on fire
      Tonight, tonight we'll go racing on highway nine
      Tonight, tonight the night is right, for some action we'd die
      Tonight, tonight.
She was standing there with the boys from the neighbouring town,
she struck me right away.
The boys arranged to meet for an illegal race on the highway.
But me and her had only eyes for each other
and we wanted to be alone. We left our friends for a walk.
      Tonight, tonight the night is right, the stars are bright
      Tonight, tonight we go down to the river and into the river we dive
      Tonight, tonight 'neath the moonlight we sleep side by side
      Tonight, tonight for that little caress I would die
      Tonight, tonight.
Andy had been killed that night in an accident with his brothers car.
I got Kathie pregnant. We never went again down to the river.
We were young, we were wild, we were tough, we were naive,
we lost our innocence that night.
      Just one night and nothing was left as before
      Just one night, everything changed in just one night
      Just one night.

Translation: german flag