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about stepping stones and lost dreams

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien
by Sigrun Pape
Stepping stones 2

Stepping stones (part 2)

The time is trickling
Out of the walls
Slowly and sticky - feels like I'm paralysed
I'm starring at the window
Outside life's hurrying by
But all that I see is a picture of her
      I'm spending my time
      I'm watching days go by - she's gone.
I'm bored with myself
Starring at the walls
I'm feeling hurt, I'm feeling small
I've burried her ring
Took her pictures from the wall
Just the pictures in my head won't disappear.
      Thoughts turning in circles,
      Leading to nowhere - she's gone.
            After all I have to accept
            She's just a stepping stone on my way.

This town seems so strange
What am I doing here
I'm straying through the streets like a wounded wolf
      Looking for a place to lick my wounds
      Looking for a place to hide
            I have to accept that after all
            She's just a stepping stone on my way.

Translation: german flag