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about stepping stones and lost dreams

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
by Christine Kienert,
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien
by Marlies Curth
A fleeting glimpse

A fleeting glimpse

There was one moment in my life
While all this made sense,
      Just as long as a blinking of an eye
      Just a fleeting glimpse through a reflective lens.
You just were born that night
And the nurse laid you into my arms
      I looked into your mothers eyes
      There was pride and hope and there was love.
And I saw your face, saw these curious and innocent eyes
Tiny fingers were searching to hold in my hand
      In that moment I saw the light
      It was like a door was pushed open inside of my head.
In that moment I understood the miracle of life
For a little moment I understood the meaning of love
      I caught a fleeting glimpse of the eternal light
      I saw the creation, maybe I saw God.

Just a fleeting glimpse then the door has been closed
And just those hazy memories were left
      Just a tiny moment that I couldn't hold
      After that there was emptiness and a humming in my head.
And I left the maternity ward
You and your mother were falling asleep
      As I drove home the light announced a new morn
      My mind was confused and than came the fear.
And I stopped the car on that highway number nine
And I sat there and I cried.

Translation: german flag