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Jigsaw pieces

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Christina Bädeker,
     Marlies Curth &
     Johanna Gerdts,
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien


Children of the world (part 1)

They died in their wigwam by the megalomania of a race,
They died in Dachau, by the fanaticism of people,
And we never heard the scream of the children of the world,
And just because of their religion or complexion they had to die.

They died in Hiroshima, they died in Belfast,
They died in Kampuchea, they died in Vietnam,
The children of the world have to suffer from our wars,
They starve in India and they starve in Bangla Desh,
We see the TV pictures, they don’t touch us anymore.

   The children of the world, will once inherit this earth,
   And they will harvest - What we sow.
   So if we can't live in peace out of respect for us and life,
   We should do it at least for the children of the world.

They starve in the third world while we annihilate food,
They choke in the cities while we concrete the earth,
All our hopes are resting in the children of the world,
We're destroying their future and we don't see.

   The children of the world will once inherit this earth
   And they have to harvest what we sow.
   If we can't live in awe of our neighbor, and charity begins at home,
   We should live in awe at least of the children of the world.

Translation: german flag