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Jigsaw pieces

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien


A piece of heaven

I had a job, I had a home
I had a woman, she gave me her love,
We had a boy, we had it all
It was a piece of heaven I couldn’t hold.

There was tenderness, there was security,
She gave me her trust, she showed insight in me,
She was my island, we had a boy,
It was a piece of heaven I destroyed.

There was something inside of me that I couldn’t name,
A dissatisfaction I can’t explain,
I built a wall, excluded her from my thoughts,
I had a piece of heaven I have lost.

Again and again you tried to reach me,
You tried to save our love and I didn’t see
Only now I begin to understand
You’re long gone, it’s too late.

You fought for our love as long as you could
Now you are gone and I’m missing you.

Now you are gone, I miss you so,

It was a piece of heaven…..

Translation: german flag