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Jigsaw pieces

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Additional lead vocals
by Insa Scheller,
Background vocals
by Christina Bädeker,
     Marlies Curth &
     Johanna Gerdts,
by Gudrun Werner,
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien


Ballad of crazy Daddy

One day he came into our valley
A white haired man, whom no one knew,
They say he came down from the mountain
But no one knows for sure and the old man never told.
The people called him Crazy Daddy
But somehow they all liked him - that odd old man,
And they listened to his stories
Of the world of which he dreamed.
   It was just a dream, - only a fantasy,
   But the old man believed that it could become reality -
   Maybe one day.

The old man told of a world
Without hate, without war,
A world in which all people are equal
No matter what religion or if coloured or white
A world in which feelings are important
More important than money or than power.
A world in which children may laugh
'Cause they don't fear, 'cause they don't starve.
   It was just a dream, only a fantasy
   But the people believed that it could become reality -
   Maybe one day.

The old man left the same way he came
One night he went away, no one knew where.
The life of the people wasn't easier now
But there was the hope of a better world.
This happened long, long ago,
I didn't live to see, I just heard about it.
Today I wish the old man would come back
And help us to believe in our own dreams.
   It's just a dream, only a fantasy,
   But we just have to believe and it could become reality -
   Maybe one day,
   Maybe one day.

Translation: german flag