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Jigsaw pieces

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
by Christina Bädeker,
German Flute
by Christine Kienert,
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien



In my dreams I saw a tree
With no leaves
And the branches of my thoughts
Are reaching into the bloody sky
   And a little black bird
   Is rocking in the dead twigs,
   And a little black bird
   Is laughing about this life.

My thoughts are falling down to you
Like rain down to the ground,
They could be so fertile for you
Like rain is to the earth,
   But when there's nothing needing the rain
   It will dry up in the sand
   Will disappear
   Useless and unseen.

Sometimes I feel like I'm standing
In a room I’ve just been moved out off,
Just a cold dead space
But there's so much I'm leaving behind.
   In the mirror an old man
   Is laughing at me,
   And the loneliness in his eyes
   Is hurting me.

   There's a wall deep in me,
   I can't break through
   And the stairway leading to you
   Has no steps.

         And with every new guest a piece of loneliness is coming
         And they're listening to the music so they don’t have to speak
         Some of them are dancing so they don’t have to think
         And I'm sitting among them - there was so much I had to say.

While a dirty white sun is answering
The silent branches with laughter
There's a voice calling me,
Reminding me to start,
   But there's something that's clasping me,
   Something's restraining me
   And I'm staying
   And finishing to be.

Translation: german flag