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Jigsaw pieces

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Christina Bädeker,
     Marlies Curth &
     Johanna Gerdts,
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien


Like a cloud in the storm

The snow is falling indifferently down to earth,
I wonder why he ain't doing anything against your death,
I'm unable to ask, I'm standing dumb at your grave
And trying to imagine your face,
   'Cause what I saw yesterday behind the pane,
   An emaciated body with punctured arms
   And a bloated face - that was not you.

But it's your name that's written on the gravestone,
And in the papers I read your name,
There they were talking about an accident
But I know where they found you,
   In some dirty station loo
   You were lying on the floor,
   The syringe still in your hand.

And now I'm standing at your grave
And trying to imagine your face,
But so many pictures are overwhelming me,
Pictures of a teenage friendship:
   The first cigarette, the first time drunk,
   A lot of mischief and the first girl.
   But is that enough for a friendship?

      I was always proud to be your friend
      And I showed off with that friendship
      But when you needed help I wasn't there.

And the snow is still falling down to earth
Burning scars into my face
Carrying pictures from far away
Carrying mem'ries back to stay
   Every snow-flake like a cry for help
   Every snow-flake like a charge
   As a friend I did fail.

      I just saw your laughing mask
      But you were like a cloud in the storm
      Searching for someone to cling to.

Translation: german flag