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Previously unreleased

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals
by Gudrun Blanke &
By Gudrun Blanke
All other instruments
by Lothlorien
by Gudrun Blanke

Lust for life

Dance the whole night
Dance like the fireflies
Dance airily and freely
Dance the dance of life

Sing like the birds
Singing high in the sky
Sing loudly as you can
Sing the song of life

Play music like the wind
Playing its songs in the leaves
Take your fiddle and your pipe
Play the song of life

Play your song together
Like the water and the tide
Take your whistles and your lutes
And play the song of life

Drum like your heart
beating deep inside
Take your tambourine and your bodhrán
Drum the rhythm of life

Revel like the flowers
Revelling life in springtime
Revel coltishly and giddily
Praise the life

Translation: german flag