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Previously unreleased

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien

The battle

And then, they went to war
Thousands of fighting men moved north
Warriors from seven realms disposed to fight
Bravery in their hearts, resolve in their eyes
Humans, elves and dwarfs
Shoulder to shoulder they marched
And the battle calls out of thousands of throats
Sounded over the wide plains up to the mountains in the north

And then, in the land that was waste and lorn
There they clashed with Banworts army of orcs
And when the brave warriors saw the hordes of orcs
The resolve in their eyes mingled with fears and doubts
And then the battle began
And the fight was brutish, cruel and adamant
The foe was overpowering, the orcs were huge and strong
And almost invulnerable due to the magic of Banewort
Days and nights they fought
And for every killed orc, two orcs appeared on the battleground

And suddenly, when the fight nearly seemed to be lost
By and by the orcs lost their invulnerability and their force
Banewort seemed to lose his might
And his orcs became weaker and they began to lose the fight
And then, the orcs began to flee
And the warriors looked up to the sky and saw the eagles appear
Thousands of eagles beclouded the sky
And on the neck of the biggest eagle sat Lilly, shining bright
And the eagles chased the orcs to the coast in the east
And in stampede the orcs jumped into the water and drowned in the sea

Translation: german flag