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Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien
by Gudrun Blanke

The Wayfarer

In Queen Ayleen’s kingdom in the south
No one noticed what happened in the north
The people continued their life in the usual way
And held down their jobs every day

They tilled the fields and they dibbled and sowed
And in the harvest, they gathered the crops
And they hunted wild games and fished in the sea
And they baked the bread and they fried the meat

They forged the iron, made hammers and ploughs
They worked on wood and they worked the stones
They wove fine fabrics, forged silver and gold
And they traded with all the realms that were known

Life went on in the usual way
The people were satisfied and fortunate
They wanted for nothing and they revelled and laughed
And they took each day as it comes

But rumours arose about a darkness in the north
And there were reports about raids by orcs
Fears crept into the hearts of the folk
And timidly they peered to the north

One Autumn day, it was cold foggy and grey
To Queen Ayleen’s castle a wayfarer came
He had visited the realms from west to east,
From south to north and he told, what he had seen

He told about a black wizard in the Foreign Land
And about his bad magic he spread in the northern realm
He told about the forces of orcs
Ready for the descent on the kingdoms of the south

And he told the legend he had heard
The legend of Lilly and Banewort

Translation: german flag