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Previously unreleased

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
by Gudrun Blanke

The Foreign Land

Meanwhile, far away in the north
Across the wide plains and behind the forest of fog
Across the silver river and beyond the realm that was lorn
Over the cliffy mountains, far in the north

There, in the Foreign Land
Unnoticed by the rest of the world
A darkness had spread
And had covered the whole land

Something ill had captured the Foreign Land
A bad magic had poisoned the whole realm
Banewort, a wizard of the dark
Strove for the dominion over the world

With his black magic he had bred a new race of orcs
Bigger and nastier than those who were known
With those orcs he had built an army of horror
And his might had been increased more and more

He ruled the whole Foreign Land in the north
And now his greedy eyes homed in on the south
In the shadow of the mountains, he positioned his forces of orcs
Banewort geared up for to raid the kingdoms in the south

Translation: german flag