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A night in the city

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Christina Bädeker,
     Marlies Curth,
     Johanna Gerdts &
     Insa Scheller,
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien

the city 1

Will Joad

Will Joad is an unimposing man
Who always tried to do the best he can
A modest man with modest hopes
A small man in a shabby grey coat
He never expected a lot from this life
Only that little home for him and his wife
Now the bank will take them their homestead away

He lost his job six weeks ago
They just said there’s no work anymore
Simply substituted with machines
After working for twenty-eight years
There are the rates for the home he can’t pay
The first cheques will bounce in a few days
It feels like the ground under his feet is being pulled away

When he was a child he dreamt he could fly
High above the rooftops he took into the skies
Now another dream is haunting him every night
He’s falling and falling ‘till he awakes by his own cry

Will was looking for a job the whole day
There were only refusals again
Now he hurries through the streets without aim
Doesn’t dare to go home again
His wife imagines him at his work
He didn’t dare to talk with her
Every morning she kisses him goodbye for the working day

A dead cat on the street side
Makes him stop his way for a while
Lost in thoughts of heaven and sky
He nudges the cat time after time
In the end he’s still alive
He has to go home and talk with his wife
They still have themselves, there must be a way

Translation: german flag