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A night in the city

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Christina Bädeker,
     Marlies Curth,
     Johanna Gerdts &
     Insa Scheller,
by Christine Kienert,
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien

the city 2

Shattered dreams

She’s standing there with tears in her eyes
Starring through the window at the street below
She’s been standing there for quite a while
Not realizing the dish water is getting cold
Her thoughts are turning around the words
He hurled to her last night
He just said “It’s over now!”
And something about starting a new life.
Everything she’s been dreaming of,
Everything she’s believing in,
Her whole world tumbled down last night
Everything that’s important to her
Everything she was living for
Her whole world crumbled last night
Her whole life becomes a lie.

The whole night she’s been waiting for him,
The whole day she functioned like everyday:
Caring for the children, tidying,
Doing the washes, buying, cleaning, tidying again.
She prepared the meal for the supper-time
And she placed a plate for him when she laid the cloth
There were the asking looks of the eldest child
How to explain to a child that daddy won’t come home?
Everything she’s been…..

What has happened, when did that begin?
How could she ignore all these signs?
More and more often he came home late at night,
There were things hidden in shame and calls on the sly.
She deceived herself, she didn’t want to see,
Persuaded herself that it’s all Okay,
She clung to a long broken dream
Does a dream become a lie when it melts away?

She remembers her first love, he was a comedian,
In the long run she couldn’t stand his restlessness and she went away,
All she wished was to settle down,
And she dreamed of having children and a family.
Her dreams seemed to come true when she met this man,
He promised security and constancy
They married, she got pregnant and she quitted her job,
Her life seemed to her like a perfect dream,
Now it’s all going up in smoke,
There’s nothing left, it seems.
Everything she’s been…..

A noise from the child’s room tears her away from her thoughts,
Certainly her little girl has a bad dream again.
A jolly clique goes into the pub over the road,
There’s a woman looking up to her with eyes full of pain,
In these flickering eyes she sees her own fears.
The last time she went out dates back an eternity
She dries her hands and she wipes the tears
Then she goes to her daughter to rock her to sleep.

Translation: german flag