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A night in the city

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Background vocals
by Christina Bädeker,
     Marlies Curth,
     Johanna Gerdts &
     Insa Scheller,
German flute
by Christine Kienert,
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien

the city 3

The city (part 3)

The sound of my Steps
Clang on the tarmac
I meander through the streets from bar to bar

The streets are almost deserted now
It’s getting late
A lonely old shivery whore still waits

The city belongs to the lonesome now
To the homeless, to the stumbled ones
To people, who don’t know where to go

How often I wanted to leave this town
I’ve always missed my chance somehow
I got caught in this city that narrows me down

A bill on a wall
Promotes a performance of a clown
The show is certainly over now

It’s late but I do not want to sleep
So I enter another pub for another drink
A few sad guys stare into their glasses silently

They’re looking up, when I come inside
A fleeting glimpse into lonely eyes
Sad faces with unknown stories behind.

Translation: german flag