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A night in the city

by B. Blanke
by C. Bädeker
by Insa Scheller,
Lead vocals &
all other instruments
by Lothlorien

the city 4

Fruit and vegetables (part 2)

Somewhere a siren gives a howl
The man looks at his hands for hours
Trying not to remember, trying to cut of his brains and thoughts
Trying not to stare around in his flat
Not to see the pictures on the shelf

The daylight appears he thrusts the upcoming memories away
Good - It’s time to get up and do what he’s been doing for years
Going downstairs into his small grocery shop
Selling vegetables and fruit

Putting out the stand onto the pavement
Arranging everything beautifully
He drinks a cup of strong mocca – alone with his thoughts
Waiting for the first customer to come.

Will the young woman appear again today
The one who always looks so sad
The one who he is not able to small talk to
She just comes in, buying two oranges and hurries away.

He can’t betray himself – the memories come
He goes out to the front of the shop, it has stopped to rain
The young sad woman appears on the street
The man goes back in his shop, waiting again.

Translation: german flag