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A night in the city

Words & Music
by B. Blanke
Additional lead vocals
by Christina Bädeker
Lead vocals &
all instruments
by Lothlorien

the city 2

All these years

There’s a movie inside of my head
And it’s starting again, time and again.
There’s a bus stop covered in a grey cloudy day
And a cold wind is playing with the tears of a boy.
Not yet a man, no child anymore,
It’s me who’s standing there – defiant and confused.
I just broke off with you, banished you from my life
Too cowardly, too young, too shy to take this love
I never thought I would miss you that much
Too young, too arrogant to see, what you meant to me.
All these years after that – an aimless escape,
All these years I’ve been missing you
All these years…..

There were times when I thought I could forget
Thought I’d overcome the love to you.
There were women who gave me their love
How many of them I treated unkind
They touched my body, but they never touched my soul,
Too high the wall that I built around my heart
There I had locked up you and you haunted my dreams
A shining ghost of the past, unattainable for me
All these years of search – restless and desperate,
All these years I’ve been searching for you
All these years…..

And now, nearly at the end of my way
I have met you again.
It’s really seldom life grants a second chance
Will we handle this gift with care?
Will we see each other as we are?
Will we be honest to each other and to ourselves?
Will we see our wounds? Will we take care of them?
And will we never loose sight of the aim?
The remaining years – I would like to try
The rest of my life I’d like to spent at your side
The rest of my life…..

Translation: german flag